I just published my first children’s coloring book!

About one year ago we (my partner and I) started buying coloring books to our daughter. We bought coloring books on animals and on dinos, but nothing on science. We looked for science-themed coloring books, but didn’t find any. As an educator, I strongly believe that children can understand everything, if explained with the proper […]

Young minds need more

Recently, @notbrainscience and @emilia.science started the hashtag #YoungMindsNeedMore on Instagram.  Jodi and Emilia are talented scicommers and scientists and do an incredible job at spreading science and accurate scientific facts using Instagram. So, the question is that: why did they start the hashtag? Because of Instagram algorithm, which – similarly to all other social media […]

Two years of ScicommForEveryone

Two years ago I decided to silence my impostor syndrome inner voice and to start this science communication blog and its related Instagram page. Last year I celebrate my scicomm blog first birthday by writing this article. This year I want to talk about what I learned about writing a science blog and running an […]

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