Women in STEM: Melanie

My 50th guest is Melanie, a passionate neuroscientist, who loves to work in the lab and knows how to take care of herself! Hi Melanie! First of all would you like to tell us something about you? Hi! I’m Melanie and I am a neuroscientist. I’m 29, originally from California but pursuing my PhD in Neuroscience […]

My PhD journey: the last update

My dear readers, let me introduce myself again. Meet Dr. Martina Bodner On the 15th January 2021 I finally defended my PhD thesis. It has been an incredible long ride, let me share my journey with you. In November 2016 I started an unfounded PhD, so I worked full time for the whole period. For […]

Art for science communication

In 2020 we learnt more than ever that science communication is fundamental. Science and the scientific language are often inaccessible and fake news become viral more easily than actual scientific facts. During 2020 a couple of interesting and illuminating papers on a new and fun way to do effective science communication were published. Illingworth is […]