The highlights of my 2021

What can I say? It has been quite an interesting year! First of all I want to celebrate one achievement for each trimester of 2021. First trimester: I defended my thesis and become dr. Martina Bodner! It has been a long and challenging ride. During my PhD I divorced, found a new loving and caring […]

Chemistry of holiday season

Holiday season is one of my favorite periods of the year. I am not a religious person, but I really love the lights, the decorations, the flavour and the scent of this period. But I am also a scientist, so I was curios to know what is the chemistry behind this magical period. I search […]

Do newborns understand emotions?

Amaya Palama and collaborators have discovered that as early as 6 months babies are able to associate facial expressions with voices that express those emotions. As every newly parent knows, babies cry to express their emotions and needs (hunger, sleep, diaper change). But the question that Palama asked herself is: “Can babies undertand people’s emotions?” […]

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