Chemistry of champagne

Tonight we will all celebrate the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. What is the best way to welcome the new year? By drinking champagne, of course! The first feature that we can see just by looking to champagne is presence of lots of bubbles. Bubbles are made of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxideContinue reading “Chemistry of champagne”

We love each other more during the holidays

Births don’t happen uniformly throughout the year. Since several years, researchers are trying to understand if human reproduction cycle depends on biological factors, such as different the duration of the day, or cultural factors (holidays, for examples), or both factors together. In 2017 Wood and collaborators from Indiana University published a paper in which theyContinue reading “We love each other more during the holidays”

Pet allergy and babies

Allergies and autoimmune diseases (like diabetes type I) often run in families. These pathologies have both a genetic component and an environmental one. Studies show that early exposure to allergenic food or animals can reduce the risk of developing allergies in adult life. Moreno and collaborators evaluated dog exposure among children for several years. TheyContinue reading “Pet allergy and babies”