It’s Christmas time

Some ideas for Christmas gifts

Hello my dear nerdy and geeky friends!

It is December, that’s means Christmas is coming.

These six books are among my favorite books I read in the past year and I think they can be very appreciated by some of you. Add them to your wish list or buy one of them for your special person.

The first two books can be useful for parents, or in general, for people eager to learn more about being confident and how to live a full life.

My first hint is a book for parents who want to raise happy, confident, successful kids. Two psychologists from Denmark, the happiest country in the world, give useful suggestions to raise happy kids and to be relaxed parents.

Then a book about autism. Temple Grandin is a professor of animal science at Colorado State University and an autistic person. In this book, written with Richard Panek, she explains the neurodiversity in people. These neurodiverse features, if properly exploited, can lead to a full and extraordinary life.

The next two books are written by genial authors. They can explained very complicated scientific concepts in a simple and comprehensible way.

Randall Munroe replies to absurd, peculiar and weird questions in a scientific and precise way. The book is very funny and answers to questions you never dared to ask.

Jorge Cham and Daniel Whiteson explain the biggest mysteries of our universe with humor and delight.

The last two books are written by world-famous scientists. One is about the life of Hope Jahren, the second one explains astrophysics in the most understandable way possible.

Hope Jahren is a professor at University of Hawaii. In this book she tells us her life, starting from a small town in Minnesota, through her university years, first as a student, a graduate researcher and a professor. Always in the middle of her beloved plants and faithful collaborators.

Last, but not least, Neil deGrasse Tyson teaches us in his unique and unmistakable way the secrets of astrophysics. And remember, Einstein was a badass!

Enjoy the reading and take some time to know more about the universe, our brain and to get some inspiration to live a better, more relaxed and enjoyable life.

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