Alcohol and love

It’s Christmas time, that means lots of dinners with relatives, colleagues and friends. You can also read the last sentence as: “You will drink so much alcohol!” Recently, Nature Communications published a paper by Howe and collaborators. They were interested in studying a possible correlation between alcohol consumption and mate selection. I am sorry toContinue reading “Alcohol and love”

Let us do something to help fight leukemia

I lost my beloved mom in April this year. The story started last year in May. She was feeling weak, with some fever, since a couple of weeks. She decided to go see a doctor. At the beginning they didn’t understand what she had, it seemed like a flu. After several analysis, they tested herContinue reading “Let us do something to help fight leukemia”

Why is baby smell so addicting?

Baby smell is addicting. Not only for newly parents, but for everyone. As soon as someone hold my daughter, the first thing they say is: “Ah, the baby smell. It is so good!” That’s why I decided to search into the scientific literature to find something about this addicting odor. Newborns’ smell is mainly givenContinue reading “Why is baby smell so addicting?”