Comfort food

We all know what comfort food. It is that kind of food that, when consumed, make you feel better. Usually comfort food has high calorie content (see picture above) and tends to be associated with childhood and nostalgic memories. Comfort food is so important for our psychological well-being, that even NASA took an interest onContinue reading “Comfort food”

Vaccinate your kids!

Yesterday, I vaccinated my daughter against Meningococcus B. In the last five years an alarming and increasing number of people didn’t vaccinate their children. People are now questioning vaccines safety for no valid reason whatsoever. Through 400+ internet websites and social media, antivaccine groups use fake new to inject fear into parents that vaccines causeContinue reading “Vaccinate your kids!”

Women in STEM: dr. Natasha

Thanks to my Instagram and Twitter accounts I met lots of amazing women in STEM. Some of them agreed to be interviewed by me and to tell us their story. Today I invited amazing dr. Natasha, founder of Woman Meets Academia (@womanmeetsacademia). Hi womanmeetsacademia! First of all would you like to tell us something aboutContinue reading “Women in STEM: dr. Natasha”