Scientists are funny

The typical image of a scientist, is that of a man, with white hair, glasses, in a lab coat, maybe a bit strange and definitely booooooring.

Last month a paper regarding graphene was published by Wang and collaborators. It went viral in the science community because of its title “Will any crap we put into graphene increase its electrocatalytic effect?”.

The day I read this title had been particularly rough on me, both on the personal and on the professional side.

So, I decided to look for other peculiar papers’ titles and here is what I found.

Something for “Harry Potter” fans:


Do you feel more like Snow White or the Evil Queen?


“Lord of the Rings” fans, I am looking at you right now:


Do you believe that “Snakes on a plane” was the best film of Samuel L. Jackson? This is for you!


Is this article talking about you?


If you like to go deep into things, these two are for you:


Do you solemnly swear to be loyal to science?


Some word puns for you:


Christian Grey fans read this:


Let’s talk about something different from the Coronavirus flu:


I would like to conclude with some Bob Dylan’s citations:



Update February 2022.

After resharing this blog post on Twitter, received some suggestion.

Dr. Natasha Stavros‘ favorite is:

Saranda Bekteshi suggested:

Prof. Katalin Solymosi suggested her own interesting titles:

Have you ever found any other funny titles of papers you read? Let me know in the comments!

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