How to make the best out of quarantine

Today is the 13th day of quarantine here in Italy.

Now, also in the rest of Europe, USA and Canada schools and universities are closed (lectures continue online), lots of people are working from home and self-isolating from the rest of the population.

This is not a good time. It is difficult to everybody to have its own routine completely wiped out.

I just want to say that somehow we are fortunate.

We can stay in our homes, with hot water, electricity, heat, A/C and Internet. Internet allows us to stay in contact with the rest of the world, with our friends and family. It allows us to study and work from home.

It also provides us A LOT of resources. Museums and libraries are putting their collections online for free. It is a good time to finally visit that particular museum on the other side of the world.

1 – Library of Congress

Here you can search among 19,147 items. You can finally take the time to read books in Ancient Greek or Ancient Hebrew, you can study for your History exam by checking the interactive map of World War I, or you can enjoy your free time by reading Shakespeare.

Library of Congress

2 – National Gallery of Art

Do you Degas and his ballerinas? Good! Here you can have a look to his paintings and read everything you want to know about his art.

National Gallery of Art

3 – British Museum

Would you rather be in London right now? No problem, here you can visit the British Museum! Are you passionate about Napoleon? Good, let’s find out everything you can about the Rosetta stone.

The British Museum

4 – Louvre

What about Paris for a quick stop by the Louvre? Go and have a look to Leonardo’s masterpiece “Mona Lisa”.


5 – Museo del Prado

Since we are in Europe, I think it is a good idea to visit Madrid and its Museo del Prado. Are you curious to know which paintings has been drawn between 1770 and 1780? Check their timeline!

Museo del Prado

6 – The State Hermitage Museum

It’s a good time of the year to visit San Petersburg and the amazing Hermitage. You can have an online tour of the Museum. I strongly suggest the Gold Room.

The State Hermitage Museum

7 – National Archeological Museum

Spring is a perfect moment to visit Athens. Since you are there, let’s find out all the superb Greek sculptures.

National Archeological Museum

8 – Gallerie degli Uffizi

It’s time to go back to Italy for the last two museums. Let’s go to Florence to admire Botticelli’s masterpiece.

Gallerie degli Uffizi

9 – Musei Vaticani

Last stop: Rome. Now it is a good moment to finally visit the Sistine Chapel by yourself. You will not be surrounded by people, but by art and beauty only.

Musei Vaticani

Enjoy art, culture, beauty.

Be kind.

Stay home and stay safe.

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