Women in STEM: Monika

For my 15th guest, I have the honor to interview Monika, a biotechnologist and very talented artist. The drawings you will find in the middle of interview are Monika’s and they are related to CRISPR-Cas9 immunity. Hi @artbymonikajasnauskaite! First of all would you like to tell us something about you? Hi! My name is Monika,Continue reading “Women in STEM: Monika”

Breath analysis and cancer

As you know I LOVE Mass Spectrometry. In previous posts I told you what mass spectrometry is, how I use it to analyze coffee and how it was used in breath analysis to follow the menstrual cycle. Today, I want to explain how mass spectrometry, in particular PTR-MS, was used in cancer research. Scientists canContinue reading “Breath analysis and cancer”

Food and spirituality

Today Catholics celebrate Easter. In Italy (and in most countries) we are celebrating it in quarantine, respecting social distancing. While I was looking for papers for my PhD dissertation, I found an interesting article, which explores the relationship between food and spirituality. Spirituality and food share the fact that they are not only about theories,Continue reading “Food and spirituality”