What is spectroscopy?

Previously, I wrote about the fact that spectroscopy can be a valuable tool for food chemists and I provided an example of it in milk authenticity analysis. Moreover, Chiung-Wei, one of the women in STEM I interviewed, is an expert of the field. Vibrational spectroscopy is called a “non-targeted approach”. I wrote about this kindContinue reading “What is spectroscopy?”

Women in STEM: Kate

My 19th guest is Kate, a PhD student in Exercise Physiology with a passion for horses, dogs, rabbit and cooking. Hi @the_fit_academic_! First of all would you like to tell us something about you? Hi Martina, thanks for the interview, I am honored! Hi STEM fam! My name is Kate Flickinger. I have a MastersContinue reading “Women in STEM: Kate”

Genes and autism

Last February an exciting paper on genes and autism was published by the prestigious journal Cell. Dozens of researchers from Boston, New York, San Francisco, Helsinki, Aarhus, Dublin and many more universities came together to sequence thousands of genes of neurotypical and neurodivergent subjects. The picture I prepared explains (or tries to) what the researchersContinue reading “Genes and autism”