Women in STEM: Sofia

Sofia in the lab

This week’s guest is Sofia, a microbiology student from Argentina.

Hi @sofi.microbiology! First of all would you like to tell us something about you?

Hi, my name is Sofia, I’m 24 years, I’m a microbiology student from Argentina. I love science, cats and fantasy books

When did you start your Instagram account? How did you get the idea?

I started my account in December 2018, the reason I started it was because looking up I noticed that there were almost no student accounts for this career, I felt that I might be able to help someone who was considering the career to see what it is about.

Can you tell us something about how you balance work and private life?

Well I don’t work, so I take it as if it were balancing classes and private life, well particularly I am not from the city where I am studying so it is a little difficult because I miss my family but you can always achieve a balance.

During your studies how many women were in course? Why in your opinion?

In my career we are more women than men, but I know that this is not the case in all countries.

Have you ever felt harassed or being kept apart as a scholar because you are a woman?

No, I never felt that at least until now, probably because as I said we are more women so luckily we have a lot of empathy between all.

How did you become passionate about science? 

Truth is, I do not know. I always had science in my life, as a little girl I was curious, and a super fan of discovery channel, ​​I always imagined doing with my life something related to science but without a doubt the first time I saw a sample under a microscope I said “god I love this! i want to do this the rest of my life”

Thank you so much for your time. Lastly, can you give any advice to girls interested in STEM?

Well the first thing is not to be scared by mathematics, personally I do not like them and they are really difficult for me but they are extremely necessary, all science careers have difficult classes such as mathematics, physics and chemistry but with effort they can be passed and what comes more forward really worth it, science can show you beautiful things you couldn’t even imagine.

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