My PhD journey: an update


On 17th March I started the #100DaysOfDissertation challenge.

Now, it is time to let you know what I did.

As I told you before, the PhD thesis should be a collection of the papers published, or submitted, or in preparation during the PhD.

Mine was supposed to be composed by an introduction, 4 to 6 chapters regarding my results and a final chapter with some general conclusions.

At the end, I submitted a thesis structured as follow:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction. This is a literature review chapter
  • Chapters 2-5: Results. All theses chapters are papers which I have already published. To know more check my publication list.
  • Chapter 6: Conclusions

I submitted the thesis to my internal committee on the 7th of May. On the 19th of June I gave my internal committee the third year seminar. This is a presentation of what I did during the three years of my PhD and the committee asked questions like in an actual thesis defense.

They committee was very happy with what I did and they gave me no revision.

Last week, I submitted my dissertation and now it will be peer-reviewed by two anonymous external reviewers, who will suggest minor or major revisions (by the end of August).

  • In case of minor revisions, I have to resubmit the corrected and final version of the PhD thesis by mid October and defend it around the end of the year.
  • In case of major revisions I will have time till end of April 2021 and defend it around the summer.

Wish me luck and let me know in the comments if you have any questions regarding my PhD program, the thesis submission process or any other doubt you have in mind.


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