Women in STEM: dr. Tahira

My 31st guest is dr. Tahira, an Italian-Pakistani biochemist, who had courage to speak up for herself! Hi @Dr_Tahira_Anwar! First of all would you like to tell us something about you? My name is Tahira and I was born in Rome (Italy) from Pakistani parents. My parents moved to Rome in 1978 and both meContinue reading “Women in STEM: dr. Tahira”

Women in STEM: Neha

Update (25th July 2020). When I asked Neha to be part of my Women in STEM series, I didn’t pay enough attention to the pronouns listed both on Instagram and on Twitter. When the interview was published, Luc Riesbeck approached me on Twitter and pointed out my mistake. I had no excuse. I just didn’tContinue reading “Women in STEM: Neha”

Thumbs and trunks sucking

There is something that baby mammals always do: suck their thumbs (or trunks in case of elephant). Several benefits have been associated with thumb-sucking: it relaxes babies, it slows down heart and breathing rates and regulates stomach muscle movements. Thumb- and trunk-sucking is associated with food and mom, and therefore is the most comforting actionContinue reading “Thumbs and trunks sucking”