Strollers and towels

Since I became mother, I start noticing things that previously were not of my interest.

I see a lot of parents shading their babies strollers with towels or covers. Their intent is clear to me: protect their babies from the light and let them sleep peacefully.

I also thought that during these hot summer days, children would probably suffer under that kind of heavy cover.

I start searching if any scientific research was done on this topic, but I did not find anything, except for this video:

It is a very simple, yet clear experiment. Two strollers have been placed under the sun. One is cover and the other not. Thermometers are applied to both strollers to measure the changes in temperature.

Inside the non-covered stroller the temperature reaches 33.6 °C, which we can all agree it qualifies as hot!

But, what is worst, is that inside the covered stroller the temperature reaches 38.9 °C. Almost 40 °C!!! It is definitely too much!

Please, be careful! Do not cover the strollers with towels during the summer.

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