Hot waves make us dumb!

We all love summer! If we can go to the sea, or the ocean, or hiking. But when we are students or workers summer is not so great. I remember the years of University when I was forced to study for exams during summer in Italy and without A/C! I recently discovered a paper fromContinue reading “Hot waves make us dumb!”

Women in STEM: Vira

My 33rd guest is Vira, an Ukranian woman, who is about to finish her PhD and is involved in making the STEM fields more inclusive. Hi @ViraIefremova! First of all would you like to tell us something about you? My name is Vira, originally I’m from Ukraine, but the last 6 years I’m living andContinue reading “Women in STEM: Vira”

Strollers and towels

Since I became mother, I start noticing things that previously were not of my interest. I see a lot of parents shading their babies strollers with towels or covers. Their intent is clear to me: protect their babies from the light and let them sleep peacefully. I also thought that during these hot summer days,Continue reading “Strollers and towels”