Happy Teachers’ Day

The notes some students left me some years ago

Today, the 5th of October, is the World Teachers’ Day.

In Italy, where I live and teach science, we don’t usually celebrate this occasion.

The first time I heard about Teachers’ Day, I was teaching in a language high school and the Russian teacher proposed to celebrate the day.

Students wrote poems and stories about their teachers and left (anonymous and signed) notes to their favorite teachers.

In the picture, you can see some of the notes I received that day.

One says: “Thank you, teacher. I love your subject (and I am sorry if I don’t understand chemistry)”.

Another one: “Dear teacher, your lessons are the ones I love the most: clear and easy to follow. You can understand your students and also give us advices. I love the fact that you know when to laugh and when to work hard. Happy Teachers’ Day”.

And then: “Thank you for coming back. I missed your explanations”.

And the last one: “Teacher Bodner, when you are around, I feel more comfortable”.

I loved every single note. Some of them made me laugh, some melted my heart, other made me cry.

This year is particularly challenging for both students and teachers.

We have to maintain social distance, wear masks and change the didactic approach.

No more group works, no more role plays, just “old” frontal lesson.

Anti-COVID class setting.

One of my classes is now quarantined for two weeks and starting tomorrow I will teach science online.

Personal relationship between student and teacher is such an important aspect of the didactic approach, but keeping students and teachers safe and healthy is way more important.

Let’s be stay closed even when we are distant.

Stay strong.

Stay safe.

Wear your mask.

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