Next week it will be my birthday

I am ready to celebrate

On November the 4th, I will be 34 years old.

As many of you maybe know, Facebook usually suggests you to organize a donation campaign for your birthday. This year I decided to go for it and the organization of my choice is AIL.

AIL is the non-profit Italian organization against leukemia-lymphomas and myeloma. Their mission is to promote and support research, improve patients and their families’ quality of life and provide direct assistance to patients in their struggle against blood diseases and to raise awareness of blood disease issues.

In 2018 my mother was diagnosed with leukemia, she got a transplant and 11 months after the diagnosis she died. I talked about this experience and my pain here.

If you are interested in giving me a birthday present, or just in making a good action, please consider to donate here:

Thank you so much to anyone who will give something. Anything.

Let’s fight leukemia to fuck leukemia!!!

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