One year of ScicommForEveryone

Martina, founder of

On November 2019 I was a mother of a two-month-old daughter, in maternity leave and with a lot of free time.

I always has the desire of writing about science, when I was in University I was dreaming to write a science communication book. But I never had the courage to do that.

Supported by my partner, I decided to open this blog and the related Instagram page and to write about topics I care about.

In the blog, there are four main sections:

You can also find a page about my Curriculum Vitae and a list of features and collaboration I did since this blog started.

The header of

In this first year I reached 10,000 visits on the blog, which may seems little compared to the big and famous scicomm blogs, but I think it is still a success. I write in my free time (in the meantime I wrote and submit my PhD thesis and started working again full time) and I have no social media manager.

For my success I have to thank you, my dear readers. You helped me realize my dream.

Now, I am curious to know your opinion: which article you liked the best? Do you want me to write about some specific topics?

Please, help me make science really accessible to everyone.

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