My PhD journey: another update

Soon I will be Dr. Martina Bodner, PhD

My dear readers, I have a date for my defense!!!

Last June I wrote about the fact that I was ready to submit my PhD dissertation.

I submitted the thesis structured as follow:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction. This is a literature review chapter
  • Chapters 2-5: Results. All theses chapters are papers which I have already published. To know more check my publication list.
  • Chapter 6: Conclusions

My internal committee gave me no revisions and so I submitted the thesis for peer-reviewed by two anonymous external reviewers.

At the end of August I received the feedback:

  • one reviewer said that the thesis was great and he or she suggested no revisions;
  • the other reviewer gave me minor revisions: I had to wrote a couple more paragraphs in my conclusions chapter.

They gave me almost two months to submit my revised and final thesis, but I did it in two weeks. But, I had to wait until my internal committee accepted the final version of the thesis, organized the committee for my defense and gave me a date.

On the 15th January 2021 I will finally be Dr. Martina Bodner, PhD!!!!

Wish me luck and let me know in the comments if you have any questions regarding my PhD program, the thesis submission process or any other doubt you have in mind.


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