Five level of my research

In the lab as a PhD student

On Instagram scientists are doing a 5level challenge, in which they explain their research with five different level of complexity.

I enjoy reading them and I think this challenge really embraces the spirit of science communication. Being able to communicate scientific facts avoiding jargon and using different approaches is what scientists need to learn these days.

Here is my attempt.

To a child

I am working with food to understand if the food we are eating is actually good.

To a teen

I use a machine, which sniffs food and tells me all the ingredients of the food that we are eating.

To an undergraduate

I am working in the field of food chemistry, I use a mass spectrometer to measure the volatile compounds contained in food.

To a grad student

I am analyzing different food using mass spectrometry to evaluate food quality and authenticity.

To an expert

I am developing rapid analytical methods to assess food quality and authenticity of different foods using PTR-MS and vibrational spectroscopy approaches.

Me and my mass spectrometer

What do you think?


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