The highlights of my 2021

The day in which I became dr. Martina Bodner (in my kitchen!)

What can I say? It has been quite an interesting year!

First of all I want to celebrate one achievement for each trimester of 2021.

First trimester: I defended my thesis and become dr. Martina Bodner! It has been a long and challenging ride. During my PhD I divorced, found a new loving and caring partner, got pregnant and lost my mom. But I persevered and at the end I succeeded!

Second trimester: I was a panelist of the talk “Science Communication” at the Cambridge Science Festival. It has been such a great honour for me and my greatest accomplishment as science communicator.

Third trimester: I spent most of the trimester recharging and taking care of my mental health. You’ve probably noticed that I posted just a couple of articles in these three months. I needed a break from everything: work, blogging, social networks. I spent most of my time with my family in the nature and with my brother in Berlin.

Self care is watching my daughter feeding a stray cat

Forth trimester: I published my first children’s coloring book! I still can’t believe I made it. I am so proud of it. I made everything by myself: the drawings (and I cannot draw very well, nor I have special drawing softwares), the three-lingual explanations, the layout, the cover.

It’s not perfect, but it’s mine. Made by me for my daughter and all the kids with a passion for science.

My children’s coloring book is available on Amazon.

This year I learned so much about myself, about what triggers my autistic meltdowns and shutdowns, about what I want for my family and my future. I am on a growth path and I intend to continue in this direction.

What about you and your 2021?

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