One year of ScicommForEveryone

On November 2019 I was a mother of a two-month-old daughter, in maternity leave and with a lot of free time. I always has the desire of writing about science, when I was in University I was dreaming to write a science communication book. But I never had the courage to do that. Supported byContinue reading “One year of ScicommForEveryone”

Next week it will be my birthday

On November the 4th, I will be 34 years old. As many of you maybe know, Facebook usually suggests you to organize a donation campaign for your birthday. This year I decided to go for it and the organization of my choice is AIL. AIL is the non-profit Italian organization against leukemia-lymphomas and myeloma. TheirContinue reading “Next week it will be my birthday”

My PhD journey: an update

. On 17th March I started the #100DaysOfDissertation challenge. Now, it is time to let you know what I did. As I told you before, the PhD thesis should be a collection of the papers published, or submitted, or in preparation during the PhD. Mine was supposed to be composed by an introduction, 4 toContinue reading “My PhD journey: an update”