My PhD journey: an update

. On 17th March I started the #100DaysOfDissertation challenge. Now, it is time to let you know what I did. As I told you before, the PhD thesis should be a collection of the papers published, or submitted, or in preparation during the PhD. Mine was supposed to be composed by an introduction, 4 toContinue reading “My PhD journey: an update”

My PhD journey

My #100DaysOfDissertation start today. So I decided to share my PhD journey and to tell you what I still have to do. So, I started my PhD program in November 2016 in Italy. In Italy the program lasts three years (usually) and it can be founded (you earn about 15k euros/year) or unfounded (you earnContinue reading “My PhD journey”

Let us do something to help fight leukemia

I lost my beloved mom in April this year. The story started last year in May. She was feeling weak, with some fever, since a couple of weeks. She decided to go see a doctor. At the beginning they didn’t understand what she had, it seemed like a flu. After several analysis, they tested herContinue reading “Let us do something to help fight leukemia”