Climate change and pre-term delivery

As we all know, climate change is caused mostly by human. We live in a period called anthropocene. This term indicated the fact that humans have an impact on Earth’s geology and ecosystem. Just to have an idea of human impact, take just threes minutes to look at this video: A recent study published onContinue reading “Climate change and pre-term delivery”

Immune system and pregnancy

The immune system defends our body from alien organisms (or part of them). Sometimes it works properly, fighting bacteria, which can cause diseases. Other times it is too sensitive and recognize as “non-self”, and therefore dangerous, some harmless particles such as pollen, causing allergies. When a woman become pregnant, an “alien” organism grows inside her.Continue reading “Immune system and pregnancy”

Why do children look like their parents?

“She looks exactly like you”, “She has her father’s eyes”, “That’s your nose”. That is only a small collection of sentences heard by me (and by all new parents). What does determine the features of our faces? Last week, Zanella and collaborators from European Institute of Oncology, published a paper on Science Advances about theContinue reading “Why do children look like their parents?”