Why is baby smell so addicting?

Baby smell is addicting. Not only for newly parents, but for everyone. As soon as someone hold my daughter, the first thing they say is: “Ah, the baby smell. It is so good!” That’s why I decided to search into the scientific literature to find something about this addicting odor. Newborns’ smell is mainly givenContinue reading “Why is baby smell so addicting?”

9 months in, 9 months out

Pregnancy is also known as endogestation (endo, from Latin, means “inside”), and as we all know, it lasts 9 months, or to be more accurate 266 days, counting from conception to birth. What maybe some of you don’t know is that there are other 266 days important for the development of children. This period isContinue reading “9 months in, 9 months out”

Babies cry in their parents’ language

In 2009 Mample and collaborators published a paper regarding the language of infants’ cry. They analyzed the cries of 30 French and 30 German newborns. Babies were 3-4 days old, they were healthy, with normal hearing from a strictly monolingual (French or German) family background. Cry recordings were made during pain-free, normal mother-child interactions (whileContinue reading “Babies cry in their parents’ language”