I was tested for COVID-19

School in my region (SouthTyrol, Italy) reopened on September the 7th. I teach science in a high school and this year I have 7 classes. This summer I was a bit worried because since March I had almost no contacts with people outside my family. To be honest, even inside my family. I haven’t huggedContinue reading “I was tested for COVID-19”

Happy Teachers’ Day

Today, the 5th of October, is the World Teachers’ Day. In Italy, where I live and teach science, we don’t usually celebrate this occasion. The first time I heard about Teachers’ Day, I was teaching in a language high school and the Russian teacher proposed to celebrate the day. Students wrote poems and stories aboutContinue reading “Happy Teachers’ Day”

Chemistry of rain

Close your eyes… remember when you were young and outside was raining… remember the scent of rain on dry soil… that particular scent has a name: petrichor. The term “petrichor” was first used in 1964 by scientists Isabel Bear and Dick Thomas and it derives from the Greek words “petra” (rock) and “ichor” (the fluidContinue reading “Chemistry of rain”