We are what we eat

Food plays a fundamental role for our health in different ways: some food components are direct source for our metabolism, others have a regulatory role and others are used by the microbiome in our gut. Nutrients found in food have a role in preventing or induce several pathological affections, such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, typeContinue reading “We are what we eat”

Chemistry of beer

The end of the week is near: beer is waiting for us. Beer is a fermented beverage composed by four ingredients only: water barley malt hop yeast Barley is mashed into malt and then water is added. At this point starch is degraded by enzymes. The addition of hops gives bitter notes to the beerContinue reading “Chemistry of beer”

Chemistry of tattoo

Tattooing has been practiced since thousands of years. The oldest tattooed skin ever discovered is the one of Ötzi the Iceman, dating around 3100 BC. Tattoo ink consists of pigments (color) and a carrier (the liquid part). The most common carriers are water, ethanol and glycerin. Pigments derive from mineral sources. Black, for example, isContinue reading “Chemistry of tattoo”