Chemistry of tattoo

Tattooing has been practiced since thousands of years. The oldest tattooed skin ever discovered is the one of Ötzi the Iceman, dating around 3100 BC. Tattoo ink consists of pigments (color) and a carrier (the liquid part). The most common carriers are water, ethanol and glycerin. Pigments derive from mineral sources. Black, for example, isContinue reading “Chemistry of tattoo”

Comfort food

We all know what comfort food. It is that kind of food that, when consumed, make you feel better. Usually comfort food has high calorie content (see picture above) and tends to be associated with childhood and nostalgic memories. Comfort food is so important for our psychological well-being, that even NASA took an interest onContinue reading “Comfort food”

Blue food

Blue foods are rare in nature, but are the most intriguing for people, especially on Instagram. Blue color in food and drink is seen as “artificial”, that is why the latest blue products to enter in the market stressed the “natural” origin of their color. Blue color has always been interesting for artists. For example,Continue reading “Blue food”