Alcohol and love

It’s Christmas time, that means lots of dinners with relatives, colleagues and friends. You can also read the last sentence as: “You will drink so much alcohol!” Recently, Nature Communications published a paper by Howe and collaborators. They were interested in studying a possible correlation between alcohol consumption and mate selection. I am sorry toContinue reading “Alcohol and love”

Milk authenticity

In a recent paper researchers from South Tyrol (Italy) discovered a rapid method to check milk quality and geographic origin. South tyrolean milk samples were collected from farms – using extensive grassland-based farming system- located at 1900 m (Aldino), 1050 m (Aurina) and 950 m (Vipiteno) asl. Milk from Milan was collected at 200 mContinue reading “Milk authenticity”

Something about mass spectrometry

In a previous post I wrote about the fact that mass spectrometry is one of the tools used by food chemists. Now, I want to share with you a scientific article I recently published regarding coffee aroma. The story started when Nicky, a Thai student, came to our lab in Italy. She arrived with thousandsContinue reading “Something about mass spectrometry”