Features and Collaborations

Unibz careers: “A nice result, considering you are a girl”

I was interviewed by the University Press Office of Unibz to talk about my academic journey, this science communication blog, my children’s coloring book and my daily activity as an advocate for more women in STEM, autism and mental health awareness. Link to read the interview: https://www.unibz.it/en/home/newsroom/news/a-nice-result-considering-you-are-a-girl


NANO – Congress About Nanotechnology and Sciences 

I was invited to give a talk about my experience of being a parent and a woman in STEM at the NANO – Congress About Nanotechnology and Sciences. 

The Scientistt

I was invited by the Scientistt to be one of the panelists of the talk “Why is SciComm so Difficult?” 


I wrote about food analysis on the Library Journal of the University where I did my PhD. The online version of the journal can be downloaded here (in Italian).


The university where I did my PhD talked about this blog here (in Italian).

The Social Scientist

You can find me here on The Social Scientist. I can mentor you or just answer your questions on academia, pursuing a PhD on Food Chemistry, on my experience as science teacher.

46 Questions

Are you curios to know more about me as the person behind the scientist? Have a look to my answers to 46 Questions.

SWIS Africa

I acted as a mentor in a session dedicated to opportunities for women in academia and industry. The booklet of the session can be downloaded here.

Cambridge Science Festival

I was invited by Danielle (https://www.thesocialscientist.org) to be a panelist of the talk “Science Communication” at the Cambridge Science Festival (https://cambridgesciencefestival.org).


Women in Tech club at Carnegie Mellon University

I was invited by the Women in Tech club at the Carnegie Mellon University to be one of the panelists of the talk “Striking a balance between career and personal life.”  


A local newspaper wrote an article about this blog at page 8 (in Italian).

1 Million Women in STEM

I am part of the 1MWIS project. Younger girls need more role models and I hope I could be one!


I was interview by Peter Kronenberg regarding the use of social media for scientists. You can find the podcast here.


I spoke at the BioRoom Career Development webinar about my experience as a mother pursuing a PhD. The chairwomen of the session were Carmen Muñoz-Ballester and Carmen Falcone.