Features and Collaborations

NANO – Congress About Nanotechnology and Sciences 

I was invited to give a talk about my experience of being a parent and a woman in STEM at the NANO – Congress About Nanotechnology and Sciences. 

The Scientistt

I was invited by the Scientistt to be one of the panelists of the talk “Why is SciComm so Difficult?” 


I wrote about food analysis on the Library Journal of the University where I did my PhD. The online version of the journal can be downloaded here (in Italian).


The university where I did my PhD talked about this blog here (in Italian).

The Social Scientist

You can find me here on The Social Scientist. I can mentor you or just answer your questions on academia, pursuing a PhD on Food Chemistry, on my experience as science teacher.

46 Questions

Are you curios to know more about me as the person behind the scientist? Have a look to my answers to 46 Questions.

SWIS Africa

I acted as a mentor in a session dedicated to opportunities for women in academia and industry. The booklet of the session can be downloaded here.

Cambridge Science Festival

I was invited by Danielle (https://www.thesocialscientist.org) to be a panelist of the talk “Science Communication” at the Cambridge Science Festival (https://cambridgesciencefestival.org).


Women in Tech club at Carnegie Mellon University

I was invited by the Women in Tech club at the Carnegie Mellon University to be one of the panelists of the talk “Striking a balance between career and personal life.”  


A local newspaper wrote an article about this blog at page 8 (in Italian).

1 Million Women in STEM

I am part of the 1MWIS project. Younger girls need more role models and I hope I could be one!


I was interview by Peter Kronenberg regarding the use of social media for scientists. You can find the podcast here.


I attended on of the BioRoom Career Development webinars talking about my experience as a mother pursuing a PhD. The chairwomen of the session were Carmen Muñoz-Ballester and Carmen Falcone.