Art for science communication

In 2020 we learnt more than ever that science communication is fundamental. Science and the scientific language are often inaccessible and fake news become viral more easily than actual scientific facts. During 2020 a couple of interesting and illuminating papers on a new and fun way to do effective science communication were published. Illingworth isContinue reading “Art for science communication”

Chemistry of fog

Fog has always been an almost mystical event for artists all over the world. One of the most famous Romantic painting is the Wanderer above the Sea of Fog by Caspar David Friedrich and the photo above is my personal reinterpretation of the piece of art. What is fog? Fog is an aerosol of condensedContinue reading “Chemistry of fog”

Women in STEM: Kally

My 37th guest is Kally, a first year medical school with a degree in Spanish language and a passion for science, hiking, art and kickboxing. Hi @futuredrkal_! First of all would you like to tell us something about you? Hello! My name is Kally, I am a first year medical student at Midwestern University CCOM.Continue reading “Women in STEM: Kally”