Raising a bilingual child

I am living in a region where two languages are spoken. During the last months of pregnancy me and my partner talked a lot about the possibility of raising our child monolingual or bilingual. So, we read different books and several research papers. Here, I will cite the ones which were the most relevant forContinue reading “Raising a bilingual child”

Why do children look like their parents?

“She looks exactly like you”, “She has her father’s eyes”, “That’s your nose”. That is only a small collection of sentences heard by me (and by all new parents). What does determine the features of our faces? Last week, Zanella and collaborators from European Institute of Oncology, published a paper on Science Advances about theContinue reading “Why do children look like their parents?”

Why is baby smell so addicting?

Baby smell is addicting. Not only for newly parents, but for everyone. As soon as someone hold my daughter, the first thing they say is: “Ah, the baby smell. It is so good!” That’s why I decided to search into the scientific literature to find something about this addicting odor. Newborns’ smell is mainly givenContinue reading “Why is baby smell so addicting?”