Hormones and menopause

Some time ago, I published an article on hormones and pregnancy. On that occasion, it was suggested to be to write an article on hormones and menopause because it is a rarely covered topic. So, here I am. Let’s find out what happens to a woman when menopause arrives and upsets her life. Menopause isContinue reading “Hormones and menopause”

What happens to a woman when she is pregnant

Pregnancy is that period of time in which a new life develops inside a woman’s body. As all mothers know, pregnancy is characterized by A LOT of changes in our body, both anatomical and physiological. Here is a (partial) list of changes which women experience during pregnancy. Plasma volume. It increases of about 1.5 LContinue reading “What happens to a woman when she is pregnant”

How hormones change our breath

What do hormones and breath have to do with each other? Apparently nothing, in reality A LOT! In two previous posts (1 and 2) I talked about mass spectrometry and in particular about PTR-MS. PTR-MS is a particular mass spectrometer which is able to measure volatile molecules (called VOCs). I use it for food analysis,Continue reading “How hormones change our breath”