Strollers and towels

Since I became mother, I start noticing things that previously were not of my interest. I see a lot of parents shading their babies strollers with towels or covers. Their intent is clear to me: protect their babies from the light and let them sleep peacefully. I also thought that during these hot summer days,Continue reading “Strollers and towels”

Motherhood and Doctorate

As you already know, I had my daughter during my PhD. In particular, I delivered my baby in September 2019 and my thesis was due in December. Since the moment I was pregnant I couldn’t enter the lab, so I couldn’t perform any more experiments. It was not a big deal, since I already hadContinue reading “Motherhood and Doctorate”

Women in STEM: Robyn

Hi @phdlife92xo! First of all would you like to tell us something about you? So, my name’s Robyn, I’m 28, a single mum to two boys who are 7 and 12! My research is based in the social sciences and I’m looking at people’s experiences of Universal Credit. When did you start your Instagram account?Continue reading “Women in STEM: Robyn”