What is spectroscopy?

Previously, I wrote about the fact that spectroscopy can be a valuable tool for food chemists and I provided an example of it in milk authenticity analysis. Moreover, Chiung-Wei, one of the women in STEM I interviewed, is an expert of the field. Vibrational spectroscopy is called a “non-targeted approach”. I wrote about this kindContinue reading “What is spectroscopy?”

Women in STEM: Chiung-Wei

Today I publish my tenth interview with women in STEM. Meet Chiung-Wei, a chemistry PhD student and mother of two, working on nano-spectroscopy. Hi phd.passion.lab! First of all would you like to tell us something about you? Hello! I’m Chiung-Wei, a chemistry PhD student at the University of North Carolina studying nanoscience and semiconductors forContinue reading “Women in STEM: Chiung-Wei”

Milk authenticity

In a recent paper researchers from South Tyrol (Italy) discovered a rapid method to check milk quality and geographic origin. South tyrolean milk samples were collected from farms – using extensive grassland-based farming system- located at 1900 m (Aldino), 1050 m (Aurina) and 950 m (Vipiteno) asl. Milk from Milan was collected at 200 mContinue reading “Milk authenticity”